On the Ground!

February 5, 2013

Our latest medical team arrived from California early Friday morning. Their trip started off with a few challenges. They had to deal with flight cancelations, rerouting and missing luggage, but thankfully they all made it here safely. The team is having a great time as work is underway.

Early Monday morning (2:30 AM) several of the team members came over to watch the Super Bowl. Being from California, most of the team are Niners fans. (Those poor misguided souls, feel free to pray for them!) Right after the Super Dome’s electricity came back on ours went out. So, our party ended abruptly in the 3rd quarter, but it was fun while it lasted.

On Monday (just a few hours after the game) the team went out to a nearby village to visit families and hang mosquito nets in their homes. The team also brought along medicine in order to treat sick family members along the way. It was a great time meeting and helping families.

Currently our team, working alongside Bringing Hope’s medical staff, is hosting a medical outreach at Bringing Hope’s new clinic. The new clinic is not officially open as of yet, but it makes for a great place to hold an outreach.

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