Development Partners enable our affiliates to develop, grow and sustain their organizations. This monthly support gives them the resources to pay their staff and continue to operate the programs they’ve built to create transformation in their communities. 100% of the money you give goes directly to the affiliates that you choose to support each month.

Know.Think.Act. enables you to give to specific needs of our Affiliates, ie: clean water wells, mosquito nets, tuition, etc. 100% of the money you give goes directly to the need you choose to support.

Our international volunteers play a key role in helping us accomplish our purpose of wiping out hunger, disease and extreme poverty. By helping fund their trip, you are enabling them to use their specific skill sets to directly support the work of our Affiliates on the ground. You are also helping create an ambassador for that Affiliate. The time that our volunteers spend on the ground serving has a huge impact on their life and becomes a part of their personal story when they come back to the U.S.

Legacy Partners cover the majority of our administrative cost. These individuals, businesses and churches are what keep the lights on in our office and enable us to create programs that direct 100% of giving to the need. Without our Legacy Partners we wouldn’t exist. Their support is more than a donation, it’s an investment.

There are a lot of ways to help support our cause that don’t require you to write a check!

Red Earth Trading Co. is owned and operated by Global Support Mission, so all of the net profits are invested back into GSM. Please take a minute to check out our online store. Everything is hand made and unique. It’s a great way to support our cause and add a little style to your life at the same time! Our products also make great gifts!